It was the first time as a volunteer that I really felt needed.
It’s not often that volunteers become family, but that is exactly what this program does.
This program strips away the theory of medicine and exposes you to its reality long before you experience it in medical school.
It is an experience that will change you indefinitely if you let it, because these kids are the best in the entire world, and this program is an absolute privilege to be a part of.
To them I wasn’t a cancer kid; I was just someone that could use a friend.
I truly believe that this experience has changed me for the rest of my life in ways you cannot understand unless you take a journey like this yourself.

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Featuring our one-of-a-kind Hospital Buddy Program

Developed by StudentsCare founder Erica Sokol in 2010, our Hospital Buddy Program has already impacted hundreds of college students and provided friendship, support, and hope to children with cancer and their families. This program aims to empower undergraduate students in healthcare and related fields to make a difference in the lives of seriously ill children and their families. Students are matched one-on-one with inpatient children being treated for cancer. Students get to know and connect with these children by visiting them in the hospital on a continual basis. Students engage the children in activities, organize birthday parties, celebrate important milestones, and provide opportunities for the children to have fun and just be kids,even while in the hospital.

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