Hospital Professionals

Our Hospital Buddy Program provides critical direct support that can improve healthcare outcomes for pediatric patients.

You are making a good decision in considering a StudentsCare Hospital Buddy Program at your facility. Before coming to your facility, StudentsCare volunteers will go through an extensive training program, developed by Child Life professionals, to make sure that they are prepared for this experience and ready to work with your most vulnerable patients and families. Students will have a deep understanding of the needs of hospitalized children and families, and the challenges that they face, and are coached on how they can best provide support.


We will work with your Child Life, Social Work, and Volunteer Services staff to ensure all our students meet your hospital’s volunteer requirements and complete all HIPAA and compliance on-boarding procedures. Your staff becomes a part of our team, as we will all work together to ensure the program is meeting goals, such as increased patient and family satisfaction!


We all know long hospital stays can be lonely and boring, especially for children. By providing play opportunities, StudentsCare is helping to normalize the hospital environment for kids. Continual visits by our students help to decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Research has shown that having high levels of support can improve coping skills and lead to better health outcomes for pediatric patients. The consistency of StudentsCare volunteers offers a sense of comfort to parents, often times allowing them to step away from the hospital room and take much needed time for themselves.


Overall, our student-volunteers help offer seriously ill children and families a temporary reprieve from the physical and emotional demands of hospitalization. We hope you will welcome StudentsCare volunteers into your facility. You will see many happy patients, family members, and staff as a result!

“These students are helping us provide better care.”

-Dr. William Slayton, Pediatric Oncologist

“We’ve seen such a significant impact on our patients and families.”

-Beth Carroll, Child Life Specialist

“It’s a terrific organization and the volunteers are bringing smiles to our patients each day!”

-Ellen Davis, Volunteer Services Administrator

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