April 2022: Khyati Dani

April 2022: Khyati Dani


Khyati Dani, sophomore at St. Louis University, has been a part of her StudentsCare chapter since Fall 2020 when she started at SLU. She joined StudentsCare in an effort to be part of something larger than herself. Khyati says the mission really spoke to her and she knew that joining would allow her to make an impact and branch out within the St. Louis community. 

As a volunteer who joined in 2020, Khyati says that one of the biggest things she’s learned from her experience so far has been the importance of flexibility. She is part of the chapter’s leadership team and has been forced to adjust plans for the group due to COVID challenges. While they’ve been rightfully frustrated, Khyati recognizes that the best thing they can do is keep going and adjust to fit “any hurdles” they may encounter. On top of her leadership role, she says she’s really looking forward to building a connection with her new Senior Buddy at the Mary Ryder Home. 

Khyati believes volunteering allows folks to “have an impact on individuals other than ourselves” and is “critical to fostering relationships within the community that we live and go to school in.” Her favorite memory volunteering with StudentsCare so far happened just a few weeks ago when they held their first event with their new buddies. They decorated cookies and had an Uno tournament with ladies at the home and got to know one another in a group setting. She is excited to get started planning their next event. 

Khyati is from Naperville, IL and is a health management major on the pre-med track. Thank you, Khyati, for your hard work and dedication to StudentsCare and your chapter!

By: Katie Oleksiak, Program Manager