Ana Coronel is originally from Hermosillo, Sonora Mexico. She moved to Arizona when she was four years old and was raised in Phoenix. She graduated from Arizona State University this year with a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics and is pursuing a Professional Master of Science at the University of Arizona. As a bilingual speaker, she wants to bring awareness of dietetics to different cultures. “I want to use my language to expand my reach and communicate more effectively with the Hispanic population. As a future registered dietitian, I want to make an impact and help improve the health and wellness of many individuals.”

Ana is a strong believer in the value of volunteer work. “Volunteering is important because it makes you feel part of a community. It’s a way to have a broad, open-minded perspective of the different walks of life that people around you go through.  It’s important because it will provide purpose and meaning to our lives. It can impact not only ourselves and bring us a positive perspective but others. It’s an opportunity to grow as an individual and better understand how you fit in the world around you. We are put on this Earth to care for and love one another; volunteering is a great example.”

Ana joined StudentsCare because she wanted to help her community. “I wanted to be part of an empowering and motivating organization. I wanted to be around people who truly cared about their work and showed empathy and kindness towards the people they help. As a childhood cancer survivor, I wanted to be able to help those who were in my place and be a part of their unique journey.” 

Her favorite memory with a Buddy was with a 6-year-old boy. He loved science experiments and was the smartest little boy she had ever met. He would use big words and spoke like he was older. He showed up to his hospital appointments so confident and never cried. He always let the nurses do their job. He would come to sit at the small table with her, and they would do small projects together. “It truly made my heart so happy seeing this boy, he always made me smile and showed me how strong he was.” 

Thank you, Ana, for your commitment and dedication to StudentsCare!

Ana Coronel, college student volunteer

“Being a part of StudentsCare has taught me how precious life is. We may never know what someone is dealing with. Sometimes people need someone to listen to or someone to care for them. StudentsCare is an amazing organization that has made an impact, not only on the children but on the volunteers. It has given me another outlook on life and how these children are powerful warriors. Overall, this opportunity has been so heartwarming. I will never forget StudentsCare and will speak very highly of this organization.”