Celebrating Child Life & Social Work Month

Celebrating Child Life & Social Work Month


This month is Child Life Month & Social Work Month – a time where we get to shout from the rooftops just how great these two professions are! The child life specialists and social workers at StudentsCare’s partnering children’s hospitals across the country help young patients and families through some of the most difficult times, with genuine compassion and care.

Child Life Specialists are the people who explain to children what it means to have Cancer, using words they can understand. They are the ones who prepare young buddies for scary procedures, demonstrating it on stuffed animals or dolls so they can visualize it in a non-threatening way. They are the ones that show up with an iPad for a teen that is lonely and bored in their hospital room. And they are the ones that help families to make lasting memories, build legacies, and then are there to lean on when the time comes to say goodbye. Did you know StudentsCare Founder & CEO is a Certified Child Life Specialist by training? Read more about how Child Life led her to founding StudentsCare.

Social Workers in the hospital setting are equally as important. When families come into appointments worried about their child’s diagnosis, it is the social workers that provide families with trusted information and resources to help them better understand their child’s condition. They are also there to help answer financial questions families are scared to ask, help parents create a plan to make sure that everyone in the entire family is cared for, and connect families to other families going through the same circumstances. 

Child Life Specialists (CLS) and Social Workers are true heroes, and we are so lucky to have them guiding our students in their supportive role to young patients. We thank them for being our partners in care!

By Lis Llanio, StudentsCare’s Program Associate