Nicole is originally from Newburgh, Indiana. She is a senior at Saint Louis University, studying Neuroscience and minoring in Health Care Ethics and Psychology. She is currently pursuing a career in medicine and hopes to one day become a pediatrician.

Nicole first became a member of StudentsCare during her sophomore year of college. She wanted to volunteer with kids in hospitals and hoped to make an impact by being a source of support for them. At the time, she did not know that StudentsCare would have such an influence on her life. “Little did I know that this group would become one of my most influential volunteer experiences and one of my favorite parts of my time here at SLU!”

Senior Prom 2022

During her junior and senior year, Nicole took on the responsibility of being the SLU StudentsCare secretary and serving on the executive board. She helped plan events, such as the senior prom the SLU chapter organized for their senior buddies. She has also helped recruit student volunteers to be paired with both hospital and senior buddies. “This has been such an uplifting and eye-opening experience. Witnessing the impact that this group has on these populations facing such isolation, especially during the past few years, has helped me recognize the importance of simple companionship,” says Nicole. “I have experienced the value of this companionship by spending time with my own buddy, who never fails to make me smile with the joy he emanates, and by volunteering at our larger senior buddy events.”

Through this experience Nicole has learned valuable lessons she plans to carry with her. “StudentsCare continues to teach me how such a small offering of time can lead to the most meaningful relationships, and I cannot wait to see how this organization grows and impacts more individuals in the future. I truly feel blessed to be a part of this organization!”

We are grateful for Nicole’s commitment and dedication. Thank you for all that you do to support StudentsCare your chapter!

Nicole Neisen, college student volunteer

“StudentsCare continues to teach me how such a small offering of time can lead to the most meaningful relationships.”