Selah is a Philly native and Boston University Junior who’s cultivating the perfect recipe for success. She studies English with Medical Anthropology as her Minor, aiming to become an Elder Law lawyer specializing in Medicare and Health Policies. With StudentsCare close at heart, she has been able to take big strides toward realizing her dreams while making a meaningful difference in her community. She told us, “Volunteering at StudentsCare is very relevant to my career goals and has greatly impacted what I want to do!

Selah’s passion and determination have been a driving force for StudentsCare’s Boston University Chapter as it rebuilds its program. From Senior Buddy Coordinator to now Chapter Leader, Selah is rolling up her sleeves with enthusiasm for making things happen. “My favorite moments with StudentsCare are when I am active as a Chapter leader.  We are in the process of building up our Chapter again, and I love being active in making things happen. Reaching out to members or getting things ready and set up for both volunteer sites and our chapter is when I feel great,” said Selah.

Volunteering is a beloved pastime of Selah’s, and she loves the experiences it brings – be they huge or small. Interacting with new people is one of her favorite benefits, giving her an opportunity to make real connections that wouldn’t normally happen if not for volunteering. “I think volunteering is such a great way to create relationships and get to interact with different kinds of people. Not only can you give back to your community, but I think volunteering is a personal experience of feeling like you are making a difference in one individual’s life.”

She chose to volunteer with StudentsCare, knowing it would be the perfect platform for her continued growth in serving others and forming meaningful relationships. She reflected, “I think the most exciting thing is getting to know my future buddy. To be able to build a relationship by constantly meeting the same person, having conversations, and participating in activities with them is something I really looked forward to and have experienced.”

Of her time with StudentsCare Selah said, “I have learned that being a part of StudentsCare allows me the freedom to reach out and help the community in more ways than one. If I have an idea, everyone is supportive, and I can ask for help anytime. So far it has taught me that it is important to constantly communicate, follow up, and take the time with buddies, activities directors, and even the StudentsCare staff to do the most we can for everyone!”

Thank you, Selah, for your dedication to StudentsCare and your chapter!

Selah Youn, college student volunteer