As we announced earlier this month StudentsCare has teamed up with CompanionForSeniors to offer our signature Senior Buddy Program internationally for the first time. And now the training has started.

On October 22, the first training session on the CompanionForSeniors Buddy Program was held for the students at GRG School of Management Studies, based in Coimbatore, India. The online session was led by Prajosh Balakrishnan, the founder of the OurParents.

Students were able to hear a variety of voices. The dean of the GRG school of management studies, Dr Savitha Nair took part in the session, as well as Dr Sivaramakrishnan.  Representing the senior citizens, Dr Sivaramakrishnan was invited to share his views as an older adult. He said that senior citizens are a knowledge and network resource. He congratulated the organizers and conveyed his thoughts on how important he felt this program would benefit the younger generation.

StudentsCare Program Manager Tami Robinson brought valuable insights to the training session. “She motivated the students by sharing her views on how the StudentsCare program is structured in chapters in universities across the US and how it is beneficial to one and all,” said Prajosh. 

A diverse group of 20 students participated in this first training session. They were able to gain understanding of the core purpose of the program and appreciate the benefits that both the students and the seniors get from the Senior Buddy Program    

There was good participation amongst the students, particularly with ageism and its impact on society.  Ms Ramya, 2nd year MBA student shared her views on how various beauty products in the market are promoted as anti-wrinkle and anti-aging which promote negative stereotypes on aging in the minds of youth.

Ms Akshayaa, conveyed her experience with her grandfather who despite being 75 years, was so young at heart and very agile for his age. He had a lot of gray hair but never used any hair color to cover his age. He was proud to show himself the way he is.

Ms Subiksha, another MBA 2nd year student referred to Senior citizens as walking encyclopedias because they would have experienced every phase in their life and could guide them in any possible ways. She also referred to the poem “The Seven Ages of Man” by William Shakespeare which narrated the different stages a man goes through in life.

Overall, the participants gained a better perspective of the entire program from the training. They were impressed with the StudentsCare mission and were motivated to be a part of a similar initiative in India.

We are extremely excited about this partnership and look forward to sharing the care across the globe.