Courtney Huynh, a senior at Boston University (BU) started her journey with StudentsCare three years ago, at Franciscan Children’s in Boston, MA. Courtney grew with our BU chapter, having joined when the chapter was first established, then becoming Vice President and now President. This year has been particularly tough for our BU Chapter. Due to the pandemic, in-person volunteering was shut down and Franciscan was not able to participate in virtual volunteering. Thus began the long and hard search for a senior facility to partner with! Even with a full-time job and a full course load, Courtney was an essential part in the search for a senior facility for our BU buddies. 

Courtney says her passion for StudentsCare comes from wanting to be there for pediatric patients as she’s seen how most of her buddies have spent a lot of their childhood in the hospital due to their illness, without the support of family. “The parents spend most of their time working and trying to pay the bills.” Courtney says volunteering in the pediatric sector is especially important because “I’m there for the child and the family. My presence reassures them that their child is not alone, and I’m able to be there for all the small parts of my buddies’ lives, which is really gratifying.” 

Thank you, Courtney all your hard work and dedication to our BU chapter and your buddies! We are so grateful to have you as a part of our StudentsCare family.

By: Mukta Vibhute, StudentsCare’s Program Associate