Change can bring with it many uncertainties and unsettling feelings. But, change can also open your world to great new adventures and bright spots. For us at StudentsCare, our bright spot brought upon by COVID-19 has been our new Senior Buddy Program, pairing homebound seniors and residents in nursing homes/assisted living facilities with our dedicated college student Buddies who connect with the seniors virtually over phone/video. One of those dedicated students is Lauryn Lima. Lauryn is a Sophomore at the University of Miami majoring in Biomedical Engineering with hopes of becoming a pediatric oncologist. Lauryn has exceeded our expectations of the impact one can have volunteering virtually. She has shown us new ways to show compassion and kindness, even while physically distanced.

When her summer plans got cancelled due to the pandemic, Lauryn decided to find other ways to give back. “I was looking for an impactful buddy program similar to what I had been doing at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital. So when I heard about StudentsCare from a friend and recent StudentsCare Alum, I was excited to learn more.” 

Since then, Lauryn has been participating in our Senior Buddy Program and has been calling her buddy Raimundo, a resident at Residential Plaza in Miami, FL, twice a week.  “Raimundo is one of the sweetest, humblest, kindest individuals I have ever met,” Lauryn expressed. “Talking to him is my favorite part of my week.”

Lauryn was even able to help her buddy Raimnundo set up Zoom so they could do their weekly calls over video and see each other’s smiling faces. “On one of our first Zoom calls, Raimundo introduced me to his friends from the nursing home, and I introduced him to my family. It was so heartwarming to see the expression on his face when he was talking to my family,” Lauryn recalled.

Lauryn’s connection with her buddy has shown us how vital our Senior Buddy Program is to the seniors participating. Over the last three months, with so much change for seniors like Raimnundo, Lauryn has been a constant source of support. “I can’t even imagine how difficult this transition has been for him,” said Lauryn. “I feel honored that I get to keep him company and help him through this unique time. StudentsCare is composed of diverse individuals willing to put in as much effort as possible to make sure buddies are safe, supported, and comfortable during this situation.”

We thank you, Lauryn, for all you have done for Raimundo and for serving as an inspiration to others to keep spreading good during these difficult times. 

Learn more about Lauryn’s StudentsCare journey by watching her StudentsCare video here: