Introducing November Buddy of the Month: Lorena Fernandez

Introducing November Buddy of the Month: Lorena Fernandez

Laughter, Smiles, Manicures… oh my! For Lorena Fernandez, these are just some of the benefits that being a StudentCare Buddy comes with. Lorena is a pre-med student majoring in biochemistry at The University of Texas at Austin. In early Spring of 2018, Lorena started volunteering with StudentsCare as part of our Buddy Boosters program, engaging in fundraising efforts to support our local chapters. Lorena says, “My biggest inspiration [to volunteer with StudentsCare] came from the goal of this organization and its beautiful meaning: making a kid feel like a kid again. This past summer, Lorena joined our Hospital Buddy program where she was able to see the direct impact of the funds she helped raise, while a Buddy Booster.  “Every time I leave the hospital, I’m left with a heartwarming and rewarding feeling,” says Lorena. 

Our Student Buddies provide fun, friendship, and support in a multitude of ways. Some days it’s by simply sitting and talking with a young patient in their hospital room, and other days it’s spent transforming the hospital playroom into a beauty salon! Lorena smiles when recalling this fun memory, and will always remember it as her “favorite manicure.”  

Lorena has realized how the smallest gesture or gift can go a long way. “A simple coloring book and some crayons can make someone so happy,” says Lorena. She continues, “By having some to play with, sing with, or just being able to talk to someone can turn a frown upside down.”

Lorena emulates the essence of StudentsCare: to make kids feel like kids again. Her time as a StudentCare Buddy has been unforgettable and she plans on keeping these memories close to her forever.


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