Breelyn Steele, a rising junior at the University of Pennsylvania, started her StudentsCare journey two years ago at Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania. Breelyn only spent two shifts in the hospital prior to the pandemic, but even in that short time she saw how being part of StudentsCare can impact a pediatric patient’s life. “Volunteering in the pediatric sector is so important because often the kids are overlooked. The parents are in charge of the decision making and care, which makes volunteering crucial to get the kids the attention and recognition they deserve.”

After the pandemic put a pause on volunteering in-person at the children’s hospital, Breelyn joined StudentsCare’s virtual Senior Buddy Program. Breelyn shared about her time with her senior buddy at Rose Tree Place in Pennsylvania. “The first couple of weeks we only talked for 15-20 minutes and there were lots of long, slightly awkward pauses. But, by the fourth week we had talked for almost an hour. That was when I could tell my senior buddy had gotten really comfortable talking to me and was excited to tell me everything that happened to her each week. It was an incredible feeling to realize that I was having such an impact on this person’s life just by being there to listen.” Breelyn shares more about her experiences with StudentsCare in her Buddy of the Month video, which you can watch here.

Thank you, Breelyn, for your dedication to StudentsCare and for sharing the care!

Author: Mukta Vibhute, Program Associate