July 2022: MARK LI

July 2022: MARK LI


Mark Li is from Grapevine, Texas. He is a rising junior at The University of Texas at Austin, majoring in Biochemistry. He joined StudentsCare in Spring 2021. He was interested in helping around the Austin community. “StudentsCare was presented to me as a fun, engaging opportunity to start making a difference. Through time, it proved to be exactly that. “

One of his favorite memories so far volunteering through StudentsCare has been playing UNO with the kids at Dell Children’s Medical Center. He says, “The rules are simple enough yet I somehow always end up losing to the kids in the most funny ways possible. I think volunteering is important because it’s truly the one time when one’s best intentions can come to life. There’s almost never any other opportunity to have as genuine interactions as there are with volunteerism, which is one of the things I enjoy most about it.”

“Coming out of StudentsCare, I hope to gain some perspective on life outside my own. Meeting people, especially through service work, is the best way I feel to achieve that. Already, I have learned so much through my year of experience in StudentsCare. I learned how stressful being a parent can be while playing with their kids at the hospital, and I’ve seen how important having company can be for the elderly living alone. Maybe these were things I already knew superficially, but seeing them manifest before me and having some part in remedying them served as a big revelation to me.”

In the future, Mark hopes to attend medical school with an interest in cancer and cancer research, carrying forward the experiences he gains through StudentsCare.

Thank you, Mark, for your commitment to StudentsCare and our buddies!