June 2021: Varun Krishnan

June 2021: Varun Krishnan

Date: 6/15/21

Due to hospitalization and illness, our pediatric buddies often miss out on many childhood experiences. Birthday parties, clowns, and magic tricks are lost in the many procedures and hardships our buddies have to endure. Varun Krishnan, a magician and recent alumni from the University of Miami, has been a part of the StudentsCare family for the past three years and has brightened up his buddies’ lives with magic– literally! 

Varun’s magic career began in India, during the summer of 2015. To conserve electricity, the city would cut power for two hours every day. Varun’s grandpa would pull out a deck of cards and show Varun tricks to keep him entertained. Once Varun got back to the US, he was hooked and pursued learning magic tricks on his own. Varun recalls one of his favorite memories with StudentsCare, prior to the pandemic, when he was able to visit buddies at Holtz Children’s Hospital. Varun was nervous to perform magic tricks in front of buddies, until Beth, a Child Life Specialist at the hospital, paired him up with a buddy who loved magic. Varun walked into the room and introduced himself, explaining he was a part of StudentsCare and asked if his buddy wanted to hang out. The sentence had barely left Varun’s mouth, when his buddy excitedly started asking, “Do you want to see a magic trick?” One trick, turned into two, then three, then a competition to see who could fool whom! Since that day, Varun has become much more confident performing tricks in front of people, to the point where he even performed a live magic show on the StudentsCare Instagram. “It wouldn’t be possible without the laughs, giggles, and support I’ve received from all the kids.” Varun says the best part of StudentsCare is how “the buddies have a way of lighting up your day and bringing out the best in you.” 

We’re so sad to see Varun go, but we can’t wait to see what he does in the next chapter of his journey. Thank you, Varun, for sharing the care and bringing a little magic into all our lives! 


Author: Mukta Vibhute, Program Associate