March 2022: Analise Lewis

March 2022: Analise Lewis


Analise Lewis, sophomore at University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL, began her StudentsCare journey earlier this year. She joined StudentsCare to better understand the patient care process and gain a different perspective on the hospital experience. 

So far, her favorite memory with StudentsCare was getting to do rock painting with a patient. They chatted for a while as they each painted two rocks with bright neon paints. For Analise, it was such a fun and relaxing experience that provided her the opportunity to interact firsthand with her buddy. She believes that volunteering is so important because of that opportunity and feels it’s a means of connection to the “important, intangible aspects of humanity: generosity, kindness, and respect.” 

Analise is from Fort Myers, FL and is a Health Sciences (Pre-Clinical) major on a pre-medical track hoping to work in medicine in the future. Thank you, Analise, for your dedication to your buddies and showing that students care!

By: Katie Oleksiak, Program Manager