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November 2023: Nandini Rathod

October 2023: Sam Flynn

September 2023: Louise Cioban

April 2023: Ava Long

March 2023: Lily Khabie

February 2023: Selah Youn

January 2023: Jessica Topor

December 2022: Nicole Neisen

November 2022: Kelly Sheehan

October 2022: Anika Rajput

September 2022: Alejandra Curbelo-Paz

August 2022: Ana Coronel

Nandini Rathod, StudentsCare college volunteer

November 2023: Nandini Rathod

Nandini is a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Washington majoring in psychology with aspirations to become a physician.

“I truly love volunteering with StudentsCare and am very grateful to be a part of the family.”

Sam Flynn, college student volunteer

October 2023: Sam Flynn

Sam is a Biomedical Sciences major with a minor in Medical Sociology at the University of Central Florida.

“StudentsCare allows pre-health students to see the direct impact of spreading kindness to patients on their lives and their healthcare experience.”

Louise Cioban StudentsCare Volunteer

September 2023: Louise Cioban

Meet Louise, a compassionate and driven volunteer from Michigan State University.

She was drawn to StudentsCare for the opportunity to directly support children in hospitals, to provide a reliable support system during challenging times.

Ava Long college student volunteer

April 2023: Ava Long

Meet Ava! She’s a sophomore at the University of Texas at Austin, pursuing a degree in biochemistry and a minor in disabilities studies.

Ava joined StudentsCare to gain valuable experience and help spread joy to pediatric patients and their families,

Lily Khabie, college student volunteer

March 2023: Lily Khabie

Lily is currently tackling her senior year at the University of Pennsylvania, majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in Healthcare Management and Chemistry.

“I believe that volunteering is so important because it enables me to connect more with my community and develop strong relationships and learn from others.”

Selah Youn, college student volunteer

February 2023: Selah Youn

Selah is a Philly native and Boston University Junior. She studies English with Medical Anthropology as her Minor, and hopes to become an Elder Law lawyer specializing in Medicare and Health Policies.

“Volunteering at StudentsCare is very relevant to my career goals and has greatly impacted what I want to do!”

January 2023: Jessica Topor

Jessica is a student at Arizona Christian University, majoring in Family Studies. She plans to be a family therapist for children with disabilities.

“StudentsCare has allowed me to meet many different people, from different backgrounds, with many different stories. This type of exposure equips me for the career I hope to have in the future.”

Nicole Neisen, college student volunteer

December 2022: Nicole Neisen

Nicole is a senior at Saint Louis University, studying Neuroscience and minoring in Health Care Ethics and Psychology. She is currently pursuing a career in medicine and hopes to one day become a pediatrician.

“StudentsCare continues to teach me how such a small offering of time can lead to the most meaningful relationships.”

Kelly Sheehan (college student volunteer) with her dog

November 2022: Kelly Sheehan

Kelly is a nursing student at the University of Central Florida. She joined StudentsCare three years ago and has serves as UCF Chapter President.

“I joined StudentsCare because I really loved the program’s goals of helping children and families (and older adults!) get through really challenging times.”

October 2022: Anika Rajput

Anika is a junior at the University of Washington, where she is studying biochemistry and environmental health. She hopes to go to medical school and become a physician.

Anika was introduced to StudentsCare while she was looking for ways to give back to her community during the pandemic.


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