Dr. Joanne Wu and Deborah Odunze



StudentsCare is pleased to announce the appointment of two new members to our Board of Directors: Joanne Wu, MD MBA and  Deborah Odunze, DNP(c), MSN, BSN, RN, CCM.

Dr. Joanne Wu is an experienced double-board certified physician with over 12 years of practice in non-surgical spine, integrative pain, and functional personalized medicine in a variety of healthcare settings. She is a highly respected consultant, thought leader, educator, researcher, speaker, entrepreneur, and lifelong learner who has held multiple roles on advisory boards. She is a leader and developer of accountable cross-functional teams in business, academia, and community organizations. She is a curious driven servant healer and strategic innovator who puts people first, always embracing a shared feedback and growth mindset as the path to success. She also happens to be fluent in Cantonese and Spanish!

Dr. Wu, on why she chose to be involved with StudentsCare, “During my medical school training, I had volunteered on the children’s floor doing art and music with the patients. It was very rewarding, and they all taught me a lot about resilience, hope, and joy. Companionship is a great way to help combat loneliness. I know organizations such as StudentsCare can have a great impact, not only for the children who need all the strength and positivity to fight and heal, but also for the students who could benefit from the rewards of community service and gain more compassion for diverse populations.”

Deborah Odunze is an experienced healthcare professional, with more than 11 years of multifaceted healthcare experience. She brings a wealth of knowledge in hospital administration, case management, critical nursing care, and oversight. She has been especially successful in driving the delivery of appropriate resources and assistance to patients through the development, implementation, and evaluation of individualized patient care plans. Being a hands-on manager and thought leader, she has a natural flair for being able to combine problem-solving with creativity and communication while directing, training, and leading diverse teams towards targeted goals. She has extensive experience working collaboratively with cross-functional healthcare teams and insurance agencies to resolve complex problems and ensure cost-effective outcomes. Check out all those letters after her name, impressive!

Odunze chose StudentsCare because; “I want to be involved with StudentsCare because I believe in the vision and mission of the organization. I have been given a lot of opportunities in life and would like to pay it forward by investing in an organization that is making a real difference in the world. Additionally, I love to see children happy and StudentsCare does just that. I hope to get the satisfaction of putting a smile on a child’s face, creating unforgettable memories, and serving this community.”

The mission of StudentsCare is to connect undergraduate healthcare students nationwide with hospitalized children, isolated seniors, and their families, to provide fun, friendship and support. We envision a world in which healthcare providers demonstrate empathy and kindness and hospitalized children and isolated seniors receive compassionate care.

We are excited that these leaders have joined the StudentsCare Board. Each of them brings a wealth of experience to strengthen our organization. Their unique background and expertise will make them a great asset to our organization in furthering our mission.