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What Parents & Patients Are Saying About StudentsCare…

“It’s not often that volunteers become family, but that’s exactly what this program does.”

-Ron Watson, Father of Patient

“The volunteers are what helped and maintained Anthony’s smile between games, movies and dancing.”

-Faith Mewborn, Mother of Patient

“To the students, I wasn’t a ‘cancer kid’, I was just someone who needed a friend. I don’t know if I could have gone through the treatment and survived it without them.”

-Lauren Rhodes, Brain Cancer Survivor

“Boredom sets in when you are in the hospital day after day…this program is a lifesaver. The volunteers all have wonderful attitudes and are willing to do anything.”

-Mary Valentia, Mother of Patient

“The relief that they give me to take even 10 minutes out for fresh air, a walk, to think about things other than what you’re actually facing. It was definitely an amazing gift.”

-Nicole Schleicher, Mother of Patient

“They helped me realize that no matter how much I think I’m alone in this situation, I always have someone to help me.”

-Mary Ann Connolly, Mother of Patient