Harini Venkobarao, sophomore at University of Texas Austin, has been volunteering with StudentsCare for 6 months now. Looking for something to do “just for fun,” Harini was introduced to StudentsCare and has been part of our Senior Buddy Program ever since. Each week, Harini connects with her buddy Linda over the phone. A biology and plan II major and aspiring doctor, Harini hopes to help as many people as she can through medicine. 

Through her StudentsCare experience, Harini is looking forward to connecting with a variety of age groups. She believes she can learn from all of the folks she visits with, recognizing many have been through extraordinary circumstances. She hopes to be “as resilient and strong” as the buddies she’s encountered. In doing so, she’s learned that a little bit of effort goes a long way. From finding partner locations for the program to building relationships with her buddy, Harini believes a genuine connection and true desire to serve will show in the work she does. 

In her short time volunteering with StudentsCare, Harini’s favorite memory with fellow volunteers is taking part in the Cold Cookie Co. fundraising event. They had the chance to bond with chapter leadership and other members talking about everything from StudentsCare to their favorite classes. Her favorite memory with her senior buddy was talking on the phone for a full hour about philosophy in preparation for writing a philosophy paper. She feels it was the “most fascinating conversation” she’s had as they were able to share many different perspectives and each find ways to relate to one another. 

Thank you Harini for all your hard work and dedication to the Senior Buddy Program! We are so grateful to have you as a part of our StudentsCare community, and your buddy is luck to have you on their side.

By: Katie Oleksiak, Program Manager