Meet Nandini Rathod, a compassionate student at the University of Washington and a dedicated volunteer with StudentsCare. Nandini has been actively involved with StudentsCare since November 2022 and remains committed to making a difference through her volunteer work.

Nandini takes an active role in shaping her chapter’s activities, collaborating closely with the chapter president. Together, they brainstorm ideas for group activities and ensure all necessary preparations are made before their visits. As part of the newly established University of Washington Chapter, Nandini looks forward to expanding the chapter and initiating a Hospital Buddy Program by working collaboratively with other members.

“When I first joined StudentsCare, I wasn’t entirely sure that pursuing a career in healthcare was the right path for me,” Nandini reflects. “However, I knew for sure that I wanted to give back to the community by providing comfort and companionship to those who need it.” The establishment of a StudentsCare chapter at her university presented the perfect opportunity for Nandini to immerse herself in a healthcare environment where she would feel supported and welcomed by her fellow volunteers and buddies.

Nandini is currently a second-year undergraduate student majoring in psychology with aspirations to become a physician. Originally from Dallas, she has called Seattle home for the past five years. Aside from her dedication to healthcare, Nandini possesses a unique talent: a love for singing. Having been involved in choirs since the age of five and having taken classical voice lessons for seven years, music is her source of joy and comfort. She is currently part of the prestigious Chamber Singers choir at the University of Washington. “For me, music is a huge source of joy even when life seems tough, and I’ve found that many of the residents at Queen Anne Healthcare feel a similar connection to music. I cherish little moments of bonding with the residents over an artist we both like or humming together to a song we both enjoy. They remind me that my passion for music and healthcare are motivated by the same goals: to bring a sense of healing and comfort into people’s lives.

Among the numerous heartwarming moments shared with her buddy, as part of StudentsCare’s Senior Buddy Program, one memory stands out vividly. During the final volunteer shift of the 2022-23 academic year, a celebration was held at Queen Anne Healthcare to commemorate the 10-year anniversary of StudentsCare. Each resident received a canvas and paints, encouraged to unleash their creativity. “The paintings revealed so much about the residents and their experiences,” Nandini recalls. She was captivated by the stories behind each artwork, witnessing how the residents’ personalities and interests were beautifully expressed through color and subject matter. To Nandini’s surprise, one resident gifted their finished painting to the volunteers, creating a special moment of connection and gratitude.

Through Nandini’s involvement with StudentsCare, she has not only found a sense of purpose but also formed meaningful connections with her buddy and fellow volunteers. Her journey exemplifies the power of volunteering to transform lives, and she continues to inspire others with her unwavering commitment to making a positive impact. As she moves forward, Nandini’s aspirations to expand StudentsCare’s reach and pursue a career in healthcare will undoubtedly lead her to touch even more lives with her kindness and compassion.

Nandini Rathod, StudentsCare college volunteer

“My passion for music and healthcare are motivated by the same goals: to bring a sense of healing and comfort into people’s lives.