StudentsCare Custom App for Volunteers Launching this March

StudentsCare Custom App for Volunteers Launching this March


StudentsCare will soon be launching a mobile app, which will be available exclusively to StudentsCare’s student volunteers in both the Google Play and Apple app stores by next month. The goal of the app is to provide its volunteers with training resources and supplemental information at the palm of their hand for easy access during their visits with their pediatric patient and senior buddies. 

The app will also serve as a hub for collecting information related to their visits. StudentsCare volunteers will complete weekly attendance logs, as well as document their interactions with their buddies. StudentsCare’s program staff will then be able to review their logs in real-time and pass on any pertinent information to hospital/facility child life/social workers for follow-up.

Another enticing feature is that volunteers will be able to generate points as they interact with the App, incentivizing engagement. For instance, by interacting with the features and resources available on the app, volunteers will receive points and awards on their application profiles. Students will then be able to redeem points for prizes and be recognized for their accomplishments as they reach certain milestones. 

Other cool features on the app are: 

~ Messaging platform to easily connect fellow student volunteers from around the country

~ Request support from program staff 

~ Activity ideas for patient populations by age

~ Helpful resources such as diagnosis information, tips for interacting, coping with loss, etc

~ And more!


By Lis Llanio, StudentsCare’s Program Associate